Participant Requirements

CBI Training


Church Basics International - Institut für Gemeindeentwicklung gGmbH

Event Location

This may vary: Please view the Event-Page for the training nearest you.

Contents in each training group

  • Introduction to various images / models of the church
  • Strategic prayer for the vision and mission of the church
  • Extensive insights into vital functions and systems (e.g. leadership, prayer, preaching, worship, integration, small groups, discipleship, evangelism, management, ...)
  • Systemic networking of church activities
  • Adaptation of working methods to the cultural context
  • Growth levels and life phases of the church
  • Spiritual needs and ministries in various levels of the church
  • Basic ideas of change processes
  • Project presentations of the participating churches

What we offer

  • 4x 2 days of training.
  • Training, participant handouts, Morning & afternoon coffee breaks, (not included: overnight accommodations or meals).
  • Skype Coaching upon request during the training process.
  • Future participation at a CBI training school for free! (speak with coordinator first to make sure there is enough space)
  • Everyone is responsible for their own overnight accommodations and meals.


  • 375.00 € for persons 1.-4.
    (payable in 5 installments of € 75.00 each)
  • 300,00 € for participants 5-10
    (payable in 5 installments of € 60.00 each)
  • 200,00 € from the 11th participant
    (payable in 5 installments of 40 € each)

(Special rates need to be agreed upon ahead of time with coordinators)


In each case after the training session after receipt of invoice.


Invoices are issued to the church, unless otherwise agreed upon.


Session not attended will NOT be reimbursed, but can be attended at other training locations at any time or a substitute person from the church can attend.

Agreements with the host church:

  • Provide of a training room for approx. 20-40 people (flipchart, projector, sound system)
  • Coffee service and (mineral) water for participants
  • Location plan for restaurants in the area or offer for catering on site.
  • If possible, private overnight accommodation for 2 speakers
  • In return, the host church receives three participants free for the first 25  participants, then one more free person each 5 additional participants.

Declaration on the use of photographs

§ We take photographs at our events,

  • to publish them later on the homepage (,
  • on Facebook (
  • on Instagram (churchbasics).

§ We process this data exclusively on the basis of the statutory provisions on data protection and do not pass on the photographs for use by third parties.


§ The purposes of the photos are:

  • we want to present ourselves as a church consultancy,
  • We want to give people who have not or have not yet been to our seminars and events an exemplary insight into the work of church consulting.

§ In doing so, we pay attention to the legitimate interests of every participant in our events, so that he or she is not disadvantaged by publication. This is achieved above all by including larger groups of people.


§ In accordance with § 13 of the BFP data protection regulations, we draw attention to the right of objection, which is possible for reasons arising from a particular situation.
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