Participant Requirements

CBI Training


BFP Gemeindeberatung

Event Location

This may vary: Please view the Event-Page for the training nearest you.

Contents of every Group

  • Introduction into various models of the Church
  • Strategic prayer for the vision and mission of the church
  • Comprehensive insight into vital functions and systems of the church: ex. Leadership, Prayer, Preaching, Worship, Integration, Small Groups, Discipleship, Evangelism, Management, etc.
  • Systematic networking of church activities/ministries
  • Adapting our work processes and methods to the cultural context
  • Growth Levels and Life Phases of the church
  • Spiritual needs and ministries in the various layers of the church
  • Basic/foundational thoughts for Transformation Processes
  • Project presentations by the participating church teams

What we offer

  • 4x 2 days of training.
  • Training, participant handouts, Morning & afternoon coffee breaks, (not included: overnight accommodations or meals).
  • Skype Coaching upon request during the training process.
  • Future participation at a CBI training school for free! (speak with coordinator first to make sure there is enough space)
  • Everyone is responsible for their own overnight accommodations and meals.


  • 480 € for the Pastor or 1st person (payable in 4 installments of 120 € each)
  • 320 € for participant 2, 3, and 4 (payable in 4 installments of 80 € each)
  • 240 € for the 5th person and above (payable in 4 installments of 60 € each)

(Special rates need to be agreed upon ahead of time with coordinators)


In each case, before the training module after receipt of the bill.
The bill will be figured per church, unless otherwise agreed upon.
Payments will not be returned if participants fail to attend; BUT someone else from that church may replace a person that cannot attend, or the participant can visit another training module during another school instead.

Agreements with the Host

  • Provide a training room for at least 20-35 persons + flipchart & projector
  • Coffee service and mineral water for the participants
  • A city plan designating where restaurants can be found in the area
  • When possible, private accommodations for 2 instructors
  • As consideration for their service, the host church will be given 3 free participants places (after 25/30/35… participants respectively one free person more).

Clarification as to use of Photos

§ We produce photos during our CBI events in order to….

  • …use them on our homepage (
  • …use on Facebook (
  • …use on Instagram (gemeindeinform) in a public manner.

§ We produce this data solely for our own use according to the protection of data and privacy laws of the EU, and they will not be used by a third party.
§ The purposes of the photos are:
we want to present ourselves publicly as Church Consulting Ministry.
we want people, who have not yet been part of our seminars or training events, to have an exemplary insight into the work of the Church Consultation Ministry and see what we are all about.


§ At the same time we respect the rights of protection of every participant at our events, so that he or she will in no way be compromised oder disadvantaged through the publication of any photographs. This happens mostly through larger group photos.

§ According to § 13 of the BFP-Data privacy laws we refer to the right to object, based on grounds due to specific situations that may be present. Please write us an Email to: